How it works

The simplest referral program for e-commerce.


Customers visit your online store and love your products


Customers invite their friends to buy the same product through Delight


When their friends buy the product, your regular customers get rewarded

Why use Delight?

A referral system customers actually use.

Lifetime Customers

Our users build very strong and personal relationships with your brand. They have an incentive to continue purchasing from you, and can reach more people through their networks.

We do the work

Delight handles everything in its platform, taking the work out of creation, managing, and delivering product rewards to customers who refer products to their friends.

Zero Effort

Referring your products with Delight is crazy simple. Since your customer already has an account with us they can track the referrals they make to friends, incetivizing them to refer even more to hit goals!


Bring back regulars and drive even more business by staying in touch with your customers.


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